Rocky Stream

Obstruction under the bridge

Wooden bridge

Rocky 04

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Wooden bridge on old mining road. Clearing of trees upstream of the bridge. Bridge structure is not stable. There is a lot of woody debris under the bridge. There is no rocks on the abutments to stabilize the banks. The banks are eroding as a result. Recent mining activity nearby.

Action Required:

The bridge should be repaired or replaced. Remove the woody debris under the bridge before they damage the bridge even more and create a bigger obstruction. The eroded banks should be stabilized.


August 26 2016

New bridge

New bridge



A new bridge was built, no debris was found under de bridge. In some places we can see erosion on the banks. There is an ATV crossing a few meters from the bridge. A sign to educate the population should be installed to limit the passage in the creek.

Negligible alteration

Minor alteration. Must follow site

Alteration with possibility of impact

Alteration with impact. Recommended intervention.

Full restoration

incomplete restoration or monitor

Restoration to be completed