Past Projects

The group's work mainly involves the creation and management of projects that include environmental monitoring of rivers, protection of endangered species, restoration of riparian zones and the community's awareness to the environment. Our vision is to protect the watersheds’ natural resources through projects related to planning, assessment, restoration and conservation of the environment. Our action plan allows us to quantify our progress and outlines our work’s performance measurements.

Atlantic Salmon Recovery

The Atlantic Salmon Recovery Project focuses on the assessment of the density of population in the Jacquet River, it habitat and potential barriers to their migration.

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Buffer zones inventory

The buffer zone inventory consists of the monitoring of our watersheds to ensure the health of our streams through the collection of environmental data.

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Restoration Works

Restoration of the buffer zones includes several stream restoration techniques to improve water quality and fish habitat.

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Maritime Ringlet Butterfly Monitoring

The Maritime Ringlet is an endangered species that is found only in salt marshes around the Chaleur Bay.

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