The rivers of the Bay of Chaleur include some of the most beautiful rivers in the province. The territory includes the Peters River, the Millstream River, the Nigadoo River, the small and the great Elmtree Rivers, the Belledune River and the Jacquet River.

The catchment areas of the Chaleur Bay contain many attractions and activities for the whole family. Jacquet River is used for fishing, hunting, boating, bird watching, kayaking and more. The Jacquet River Park in Belledune is a park with a panoramic view of the Bay of Chaleur for camping and beach excursions. A beautiful beach is found in the Beresford area where visitors can admire the sea. At the Beresford Park, people can relax and swim while enjoying nature. The wharf in Petit-Rocher is a meeting place for fishermen, visitors and local residents. You can also plan a boat trip with a local fisherman. Finally, the Atlas Park in Pointe-Verte is a sublime park for outdoor activities where people can practice scuba diving, sport fishing, hiking in summer and cross-country skiing on the slopes in winter.

What is a watershed?

A watershed is a topographically defined area of land where the water drains to a common point. In our watersheds, this common point is usually the Chaleur Bay. In a watershed, surface water and groundwater are generally connected since water flows horizontally through the rivers and vertically through the different soil layers and the substrate.

This movement of water through a given territory connects hydrological zones. Any activity that affects the water quality, quantity or flow in part of the watershed can affect downstream sites. It is important to understand the connectivity in a watershed when planning or managing activities related to water quality.